Luis Chaluisan (EL EXTREME) Times Union Interview

Luis Chaluisan (EL EXTREME) Times Union Interview Recognition Awards To be handed out on Jan 11, 2014 at Cafe Lou’s in the Bronx Cafe Lou’s Address: 3060 Boston Rd, Bronx, NY 10469 Phone: (718) 798-2177 Doors open 4:00 PM – Wrapped by 8:00 PM
Jose Vazquez-Cofresi
Felix Rojas
Orq Espada
David Amram
Lady Ang
Ron Renaissance
January 11, 2014 Music Spectacular At Cafe Lou’s
Kicking off at 9 AM on Saturday January 11, 2014, Cinematographer Mike Tapp (Director of photography Branekandi Productions MNN Time Warner Cable) will commence filming El Extreme Luis Chaluisan interviewing his former orchestra(s) members, Poets, Playwrights, Family members and high level musicians/artists who have had an impact on his 40 year career in the arts. The session will then move to Cafe Lou’s in the Bronx at 4:00 PM where the original members of La Gran Orquesta El Extreme will reunite (along with guest Musicians/Poets) for a filmed jam session. Rocker Roller Rican Director Maria Hernandez is handling hotel accommodations Downtown for out of town Artists participating in the documentary/jam session.
Invited Interviews and Performance Participation January 11, 2014 NYC
Christine R Cain
Brian Tully
Steve Gifford
Mark Giammattei
Ray Stingray Sabater
Robert Ross
Kevin Twigg
Ronald Chaluisan
Jose Vazquez-Cofresi
Charlie Vázquez
Felix Rojas
Orq Espada
Tony Gonzalez
Papo Vazquez
Willie Williams
William Kerrigan: Teacher-Editor
Carla Virola
Adam Aron Amram
Paul Decoster
Puma Perl
Cyndi Dawnson

“Poet, actor, playwright, singer-songwriter and one of the most charismatic, manic Nippertown frontmen of the early ’90s, Luis Chaluisan led his sometimes madcap, always marvelous mambo-hip-hop band El Extreme (full name – La Gran Orquesta El Extreme) through many memorable shows back in the day, showcasing such fondly remembered nuggets as “Biscuit Head” and “Why Must You Funk Up My Life?”
Isn’t it about time for an El Extreme reunion?”
Greg Haymes
Nippertown News
Albany NY
Nippertown is an online magazine based in the greater Capital Region and Hudson Valley regions of New York and western Massachusetts, writing about local art, music, theater, film and anything else that interests us. We’ve been publishing since May, 2009.


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