ROCKER ROLLER RICAN Soundtrack Luis Chaluisan

ROCKER ROLLER RICAN Soundtrack Luis Chaluisan
Film Score by
La Gran Orquesta El Extreme Luis Chaluisan
Ray Stingray Sabater
Brian Tully
Steve Gifford
John Caplis
Will Zwink
Mark Giammetei
Fred Waite
Paul Decoster
Kevin Hendrick
Additional Music by
Joe Collado
David Amram
Phil Berg
17 selections with Bonus Tracks
Directed by: Maria Hernandez WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater
Produced by: Mike Tapp MNN Time Warner Cable
Featuring: L.f. Chaluisan Batlle
Off Broadway Scenes Directed By: Petronia Paley
1975 Film Directed by: John Coles
Theatrical Release June 6, 2014 (60 minutes) with Spanish Subtitles
Branekandi-New Edge Theater Production (c) 2014



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