Luis Chaluisan “Cabride To Venus” Rocker Roller Rican Promo

Cabride To Venus
Composed and performed by El Extreme Luis Chaluisan 1993
The final DVD print of Rocker Roller Rican documentary with casing-artwork-liner notes will be ready Friday March 7th. $20 with copy of SPIC CHIC the book. $10.00 for DVD Alone
Directed by: Maria Hernandez
Produced by: Mike Tapp
Featuring: Luis Chaluisan
Film Directed by: John Coles Talking Wall Pictures 1975
Film Directed by: Tony Ortiz Topproductions NYC 1984
Off Broadway Scenes Directed by: Petronia Paley 2002
Set Design by: Albert Chaluisan
El Extreme Luis Chaluisan
DVD Cover Artwork Vicki Lee
Rocker Roller Rican begins with film of Internationally recognized Nuyorican Performer El Extreme L.f. Chaluisan Batlle in October 1975 (a mere three months after he turned professional as a dancer-singer at the age of 17 with the Alliance of Latin Artists in NYC.)
It is thoroughly produced filmed review as he travels from the Bronx in 1975 to the present day through the national American arts world as a Ballet/Jazz/Salsa/Folkloric Dancer-Curated Artist-Latin/Indie Rock musician-CBS/Telemundo/PBS News Reporter-Television Producer-Published Author-Radio Show Host-TV Station Manager-National Slam Poetry Ct. Team Champion.
La Gran Orquesta El Extreme 1991
Ray Stingray Sabater
Brian Tully
Steve Gifford
John Caplis
Will Zwink
Mark Giammetei
Paul Decoster
Fred Waite
Kevin Hendrick
Little Otis And The Upsetters 1984
Ras Man Norman 19
Grant Friedrich Drums 20
Phil Berg Saxophone/Flute 23
Stan Middleton Trombone 21
Ron Wagner Bass 27
Billy Hanway Guitar 21
Tim Timbo Seewer Harp 18
Luis Chaluisan 27
Mambo eX 1993
Bubba Faz
Rene Camacho
Planet Lovetron 2012
Juan Almaguer
Automatic Maddox
Billy Stokes
Guest Appearances by:
Joe Collado
Tito Puente
La Lupe
David Amram
Nydia Ocasio
Pedro Pietri
Bimbo Rivas
Sissy Gamache
Guy Le Charles Gonzalez
The Fania All-Stars

— with Luis Chaluisan and L.f. Chaluisan Batlle at El Extreme Luis Chaluisan.


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