Luis Chaluisan Gratitude

Luis Chaluisan Gratitude “Take a second out to think about this: in your life you search for the right people for you. Every time you leave someone negative in your life you get one step closer to those people. You should look at moving on as getting closer to meeting the enlightened ones.”
Reflecting on the reception that the documentary Rocker Roller Rican is receiving here locally in Bowling Green (It is premiering at an Official Venue at the upcoming Artwalk Festival April 26th and on WBGU TV in May where I’ve see Tom Zapiecki go through from being a stellar student in 1982 to a station manager today) and the life I’ve led since being filmed by John Coles in 1975 (the opening sequence of the documentary) and the January 11, 2014 Concert at Cafe Lou’s in my Bronx Neighborhood featuring music created by Brian Tully, Ray Sting Ray Stingray Sabater and myself El Extreme Luis Chaluisan along with my brotherly love of Papo Vazquez and Tony Gonzalez (both of whom have been in my world since the late seventies instructing me in the value of originality plus Puerto Rican culture) and of course my Father Federico Chaluisan, brothers and sisters Albert Chaluisan (Tito) Emily Chaluisan, Deborah Chaluisan Rodriguez, Cris Chaluisan and the three most important women in my life Maria Hernandez, mother Ana Chaluisan and wife Tina Chaluisan I can say I have had a very full life.
I finally accepted my decision yesterday to forever cut New York City and one associate who I have known since the seventies but who these days is in a daze because of years of drug abuse and egotistical delusion. I’ve been going through the the 5 Stages of Loss and Grief for the last three years because of this: 1. Denial and Isolation 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance. Coping with loss is a ultimately a deeply personal and singular experience — nobody can help you go through it more easily or understand all the emotions that you’re going through. But others can be there for you and help comfort you through this process. All the people I’ve mentioned here continue on in my life sharing my story with their friends and supporting my work/life. I say “Thank you God”
Gracias a Dios
Como me desperté esta mañana y puse mis pies en el suelo
Oré: “Gracias a Dios, tengo la oportunidad de disfrutar de otro día”.
Si no recuerdo mal los preciosos recuerdos de familia y amigos
Oré “Gracias a Dios”, porque son todos tan queridos.
Cuando entré en el trabajo y comenzar,
Oré: “Gracias a Dios” por la buena salud y la capacidad de mantener a mi familia.
Yo vivo en America Latina, la tierra de la Segunda Mayoria, los libres y el hogar de los valientes,
gracias a Dios y guarda nuestro gente fuerte, y de forma gratuita.
Pero sobre todo Gracias a Dios por enviar a Jesús a morir por mí.

— with Maria Hernandez and 11 others at El Extreme Luis Chaluisan.


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