Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine-WEPAwebTV Book-Music-Academic Tour

Salsa Magazine-WEPAwebTV Book-Music-Academic Tour Salsa Magazine Editor Luis Chaluisan (El Extreme) Invited To Present His Published Work For Sale At The Local Author Fair In BG Ohio Including “S.panish P.eople I.n C.ontrol” (Spic Chic) and Newricane April 12, 2014
Local Author Fair
Wood County District Public Library – Main Library
Event Type: Adult Program
Date: 4/12/2014
Start Time: 1:00 PM
End Time: 3:00 PM
3rd Local Author Fair. Meet local writers of adult, teen, and children’s fiction and nonfiction. Includes workshops by local writers and BGSU faculty.
Library: Wood County District Public Library – Main Library
Location: Atrium
Link: See for details.


Rocker Roller Rican Documentary Put In Circulation At Wood County District Public Library Bowling Green Residents are now able to check out the DVD for a week at a time Rocker Roller Rican Premieres April 2014 Artwalk Festival, WBGU TV PBS May 2014 Premiere, Channel 56 New York City June 2014 Premiere and development as a 2015 book for A Gathering of The Tribes Fly By Night Press.
ROCKER ROLLER RICAN video on demand
Free preview and dropbbox download of ROCKER ROLLER RICAN
Tuesday June 17 and June 24, 2014
10:30 pm Lifestyle Channel 56
(TWC) Time Warner Cable
Rocker Roller Rican – A Nuyorican Adventure
El Extreme Luis Chaluisan

Time Warner Documentary About Luis Chaluisan Amherst 1986 BA Theater Arts
Rocker Roller Rican begins with film of Internationally recognized Nuyorican Performer El Extreme Luis Chaluisan in October 1975 at Amherst College (a mere three months after he turned professional as a dancer-singer at the age of 17 with the Alliance of Latin Artists in NYC.)
It is thoroughly produced filmed review as he travels from the Bronx in 1975 to the present day through the national American arts world as a Ballet/Jazz/Salsa/Folkloric Dancer-Curated Artist-Latin/Indie Rock musician-CBS/Telemundo/PBS News Reporter-Television Producer-Published Author-Radio Show Host-TV Station Manager-National Slam Poetry Ct. Team Champion
By: Maria Hernandez
Executive Director
WEPAwebTV-Managing Editor
Salsa Magazine 5,400 + members

Directed by: Maria Hernandez WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater
Produced by: Mike Tapp MNN Time Warner Cable
Associate Producer: Ronald Chaluisan
Featuring: L.f. Chaluisan Batlle plus
Film Directed by: John Coles Talking Wall Pictures 1975
Film Directed by: Tony Ortiz Top Productions NYC 1984
Off Broadway Scenes Directed By: Petronia Paley 2002
Set Design by: Albert Chaluisan


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