BG Community Support Grows for “Rocker Roller Rican”

BG Community Support Grows For Luis Chaluisan “Rocker Roller Rican”
A gala reception is being organized to celebrate the Premiere of the Rocker Roller Rican documentary during Artwalk 2014 April 26, WBGU TV PBS in May and MNN NYC in June at the former site of MILTON’S Nightclub (now Grumpy Dave’s) where Luis Chaluisan’s LITTLE OTIS AND THE UPSETTERS held court from 1982-84. Invited guests of honor are long time BG residents/musicians/business owners Billy Hanway and Ron Wagner (Lead Guitar and Bassist of The Upsetters 1982-84)
Wednesday April 9th at 10 A.M. William Schurk Sound Recordings Archivist BGSU Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives is being interviewed regarding the induction of Little Otis and the Upsetters (plus development of the Upsetters Repetoire by La Gran Orquesta El Extreme Luis Chaluisan) in the Jerome Library Archives as being contributors to the NW Ohio Pop Culture scene by introducing Caribbean and Original Latin Tinge Alternative Rock 1982-84.
The Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives (ML/SRA) support curriculum in Music, Popular Culture, and American Culture Studies. With almost a million recordings, the Sound Recordings Archives represents the largest collection of popular music recordings in an academic library in North America. Our collections also include books, scores, and video formats covering music studies from multiple angles. We have something for everyone!

— in Bowling Green, OH.


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