Pony Time-Little Otis XXI featuring Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine-WEPAwebTV

Pony Time-Little Otis XXI
Double Track Sung by: El Extreme Luis Chaluisan
Processed on Flip Recorder
Edited on Windows Movie Maker
Written by: Don Covay and John Berry.
Selection from upcoming EP: Little Otis XXI
roughrican productions (c) 2014
“Pony Time” is a song recorded by Chubby Checker, his second US #1 (after his 1960 single “The Twist.” “Pony Time” was also a number one hit on the R&B charts.

Little Otis and The Upsetters 1984
With glistening drops
Of blues tinged ecstasy
Little Otis
Greets the crowd
Backed up by his boys
The Upsetters
Dark shirts pressed
To razor sharpness
Shaded glasses
Polished to perfection
A tumbler of Black Velvet
In Otis right palm
A cigarette dangling
With an air of menace
In his left
The music’s fiugers
Pry open the assembled souls
Carrying whispers of delight
As Little Otis and the Upsetters
Celebrate their High Mass tonight
In A Major
For melodic saints and sinners
The nearness of the congregation
eliciting a sweet sensation
From his voice
It’s cadence drifting through
The smoky bar

I put a spell on you baby!

Otis feels a closeness
Like the night creeping
Over the horizon
And entering
The farthest reaches
East of Eden
The crowd sighs
And the boys fly
Twisting cover songs
To their own whims
In their hearts
The boys completely understand
That the magic they feel
Is the love they have
For the music
For the passion
For the ecstasy
The gentle breezes escaping
From their throats
As they sing their
Twisty Love
Incite the crowd
To let go
Dancers on the night winds
While the Upsetters reach deep
Into their Bible
Blues Confidential Prayers
One song left in the set
Buy the whole house
A Wet Shaved drink
Compliments of Stevie J.
And save a dance with Mo
Over there
For ME
Then the boys slip
Into a whole other dimension
For tonight is
Otis’ last night
Of doing covers
For tonight they dream
New Dreams
And at the stroke of midnight
Unleash them to greet
The new day
And blast into the future
The boys set off a bomb
Driven by Ron’s bass
Fueled by Timbo’s harp
Flavored by Rasman Norman
Beating a Caribbean Drum
As Phil N. DeBlanc’s
Kansas City sax growls
At Billie’s parachuting guitar riffs
A new gospel is born
As the congregation
Greet the Upsetters
With jubulation
It’s the way of the bar band
When they take the risk
To do something new
And when it comes from the heart
It always rings true
Pony Time-Little Otis XXI


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