Old Time Rock and Roll-Little Otis XXI

Old Time Rock and Roll-Little Otis XXI
Triple Track Sung by: El Extreme Luis Chaluisan
Processed on Flip Recorder
Edited on Windows Movie Maker
Written by: George Jackson
Selection from upcoming EP: Little Otis XXI
roughrican productions (c) 2014
For most Latino Rockers Santana is their entree into the Rock World (Richie Valens for older cats.) For me, there is one song when I start playing Rock And Roll that is covered by every band and on every Jukebox in the region-“Old Time Rock and Roll”. Many a night drinking a couple of pitchers of beer plus tequila shots all around we would hit the stage and dance floor and just party out the closing number for last call.
“Old Time Rock and Roll” is a song written by George Jackson and recorded by Bob Seger on his 1978 album Stranger in Town. It was also released as a single in 1979. It is a nostalgic look at the music of a previous generation, possibly the original rock ‘n’ roll era. It has since become a standard in popular music and was ranked number two on the Amusement & Music Operators Association’s survey of the Top 40 Jukebox Singles of All Time in 1996.]It was also listed as one of the Songs of the Century in 2001. The song was recorded at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield, Alabama and Sound Suite Studios in Detroit, Michigan.

Old Time Rock and Roll-Little Otis XXI

— at El Extreme Luis Chaluisan.


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