Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine 6,326 members (164 new) Real Deal News Reporting For Salseros

Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine 6,326 members (164 new)
Real Deal News Reporting For Salseros
1. Victor Manuelle
2. In the Spotlight 39th Annual Toronto International Film Festival
3. La Vida Lola
4. Carlos Vives and Marc Anthony unite voices
5. Salsa History
6. Hispanic Culture
7. Popular Latino Literature Books
8. Salsa Dance Events Going On Today In San Francisco
10. Latino International Film Institute
11. Six HOT bands will perform at the Oxnard Salsa Festival in 2014!
13. California Latinos Exceed Whites In UC Freshman Admissions
14. Salsa Club bids seniors adios in last spring dance
15. Meryl Davis danced Salsa for the 7th week of Dancing With the Stars.
16. Christian Siriano Channels Isla Mujeres
17. La Escuela Latina de Música y Artes Escénicas
18. Pablo Sandoval Asking For $100 Million
19. Latinos in Policymaking Positions in NYC Government Agencies 2013
20. Luis Enrique Talks ‘Beautiful’ New Album Planned For June
21. A New National Festival Seeks to Unite Latino Theater
22. Fidel Castro’s niece pushes gay rights into Cuba
23. Arizona’s Leading Racist Sheriff At It Again
24. CHEF In Theaters on May 9th! With Sofia Vergara-John Leguizamo
25. Puerto Rico News
26. Really? A State government Shutdown over Obamacare?
27. Ariana Grande Talks ‘Problem’ Single & Second Album
29. Cowboy Xtreeme Grits And Bits! El Extreme Luis Chaluisan

— with Maria Hernandez and 2 others.


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