Analysis by Latino Media Marketing shows Salsa Magazine Females are highest intellectually gifted people on FB.

Analysis by Latino Media Marketing shows Salsa Magazine Female Subscribers are among the highest intellectually gifted people on FB.
In an effort to provide better profiles for the identification of all gifted Latina women, current research suggests use of both qualitative measures and quantitative instruments, such as achievement and intelligence tests (Garcia, 1994). Early in the 1980s, a national panel of experts recommended use of several instruments when assessing Women from the Latino population, including culturally and linguistically diverse students (Richert, Alvino, & McDonnel, 1982). Some of the instruments they recommended have remained in use, including Progressive Matrices, Standard (Raven, 1960); SOI Screening Form for Gifted (Meeker & Meeker, 1975); System of Multicultural Pluralistic Assessment (Mercer & Lewis, 1978); Culture Fair Intelligence Test, Scale 1 (Cattell & Cattell, 1950). Spanish language instruments this author has found useful for measuring academic achievement include Aprenda: La Prueba de Logros en Espanol, Intermediate 2 (Psychological Corporation, 1990); Bateria Woodcock Psico-Educativa en Espanol (Woodcock, 1982); Spanish Assessment of Basic Education, Second Edition, Level 2 (Hampton-Brown Company, 1991); and La Prueba Riverside de Realizacion en Espanol (Cote, 1984). For more information about these instruments and others, readers can refer to the on-line searchable ERIC/AE Test Locator at on the Internet. Other new instruments are being developed, including one specifically designed to identify gifted bilingual Hispanic students.

— with Maria Hernandez and Tina Chaluisan.


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