Luis Chaluisan El Extreme Little Otis XXI Retrovision roughrican productions (c) 2014

Little Otis XXI Retrovision  roughrican productions (c) 2014
1. Blue Bayou-Little Otis XXI
2. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Little Otis XXI
3. Bring It On Home-Little Otis XXI
4. Come On Lets Go Little Otis XXI
5. Como Rien Little Otis XXI
6. Devil With The Blue Dress-Little Otis XXI
7. El Extreme’s Love Hypnotic
8. Great Balls Of Fire Little Otis XXI
9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain Little Otis XXI
10. Hello Mary Lou Little Otis XXI
11. I Fall To Pieces Little Otis XXI
12. I Walk The Line-El Extreme
13. I Wish It Would Rain Little Otis XXI
14. Imagine Little Otis XXI
15. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) Little Otis XXI
16. Jenny Jenny Little Otis XXI
17. Johnny B Goode
18. Kansas City Little Otis XXI
19. Old Time Rock and Roll Little Otis XXI
20. Pony Time-Little Otis XXI
21. Seven Lonely Days Little Otis XXI
22. Stardust Little Otis XXI
23. Try A Little Tenderness-Little Otis XXI
24. Uptown Little Otis XXI

Ron Wagner and I spoke about what a musical reunion of Little Otis and the Upsetters (LOU) would be like. Here’s two sets of music that is in keeping how Joanie Whittaker Billy Hanway RonWagner and I El Extreme Luis Chaluisan learned to play ROCK AND ROLL! I will be speaking with David Harper at Grumpy Dave’s Pub‘s (Formerly Milton’s where we were the house band for two years 1982-84) to to have a 31st Anniversary on Thursday July 3, 2014 to commemorate the night we launched our two year Tuesday Night Live Performance Series in 1983. 9:00 PM-1 AM. A combination of Live music, music videos, classic (LOU) TV and nightclub appearances and spoken word Performance Art Monologue “The Little Otis Story”
The story of the band that brought that West Indian Boricua Swing to Wood County with a dash of jazz and punk rock. 1982-84

— with El Extreme Luis Chaluisan and 2 others at Grumpy Dave’s Pub.


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