Leyla Barretto ” El Extreme Luis Chaluisan? He’s just a flaming hetero.”

Leyla BarrettoEl Extreme Luis Chaluisan? He’s just a flaming hetero.” 
(From Newricane Chapter 3 Baby (c) 2001) “WILD CHILD” http://www.reverbnation.com/luischaluisan/song/17510111-1978-wild-child
[3] BABY
There’s a girl
In my neighborhood
Who I have as my own
Who accepts my
perfect balance
Of a chip
on each shoulder
There’s a girl
In my neighborhood
Who’s been
around for a while
A survivor of many scenes
Some wonderful
Others quite horrible
I cross avenues of loneliness
Looking for her
And then she found me
Telling my story in a room
Her love tumbles from her lips
Crumbles from her tongue
And shoots straight
from her heart
Into heaven
There’s a girl in my neighborhood
Who’s worth every moment
Of chance
Suddenly we’re in the papaya business.
Leyla goes out for cigarettes one morning and three days later pulls up to the house in the Bronx with a truckload of refrigerated Costa Rican fruit.
Two tons of papaya.
To top it off, until a couple of months before our papaya escapade she never drives a car in her life. Leyla hears of the opportunity, rushes to the license bureau, applies for a third class permit to drive a truck and wraps up her application and test in a month. She’s something else, huh?
We’re a couple of manic Ricans always just doing crazy stuff all over the place — always a racket going on — always up to something. Why? Because it’s Our way. I don’t expect you to understand or accept it. Personally, I feel its ok to play with a different set of rules. If not you can become one-dimensional. Leyla and I live in a seven dimensional world en la America: Land of Constitution, Restitution and Prost-perity.
Or as my boy Walter sums it up,
“Louie, you guys just don’t give a damn.”
Yeah, I just don’t. Life’s too short. By the way, we sell all of the papaya in three days and she takes a week off in Miami. We improvise well together that Leyla and I.

— with El Extreme Luis Chaluisan and 2 others at El Extreme Luis Chaluisan.


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