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An unbroken cowboy
In love with
The open ranges
In love with
Small town
Dance hall girl
Known as
“Delilah Blue”
A sensuous comet
Streaking across
My sky mind
22 Raven
On her hip
In her pocketbook
A stiletto hidden
By the prosthetic
Of her Little Leg
The sun rises
Every time
Delilah’s eyes open.
She speaks
And my soul is fulfilled
Delilah can figure out
My little boy secrets
With her spirit
We meet
In a mountain desert
But are far
From being dry
On our first date
I ask Delilah
Hey Baby
How you lose
Your leg
She wryly responds
I tire of it
It weighs me down
Bathed in incense
And the
Bittersweet smell
Of love-making
I peek into
Delilah’s soul
Witness a lifetime
Of breaking
And resetting
A body that God
Does not quite complete
One leg shorter
Than the other
A spine
That can’t support
Her height
Which rises
Above the turmoil
The final straw
Comes at the hands
Of five drunken marines
Who rape
Torture her
At the hospital
The doctor says
We can save your life
But maybe not the leg
Cut it off immediately
Cut away the past
Walk into the future
I cry that first date
Hearing HER story
And lay the foundation
For a year of
Twisty Love
I understand her wildness
She consecrates my abandon
Our need to
Be bad
Be with each other
Be in love
Outweighing the risks
At the Metropolitan Museum of Art
As I dive into the torture
Of Van Gogh’s face
Delilah robs a Belgian tourist
Of 3000 dollars
Presents it to me
Here Poppy
Here’s my dowry
Past indiscretions
Come calling
For Delilah and me
During a
Rum and cocaine-choked
Of our first
Year anniversary
I find Delilah
On the bedroom floor
Boozy sighs pouring
From her lips into my ears
Oh, poppy
The pain is so bad
Even my conscience hurts
It’s spring
We’re blind
I know I have to act
And lay a path
For Delilah to escape
And save myself
Who can always figure out
My little boy secrets
She walks into
A local bank
Makes a .357 withdrawal
Leaves me a note
Flies back west
To rest
Under the Volcano
Thanks for the star-spiked rodeo
But I’m fatigued
It weighs me down
I cry reading that note
But understand
Because Delilah shows me
By her example
By her courage
Cut away the past
Walk into the future
You see
You can’t enjoy
The light of reason
Unless you first
The Dark Night
Of the Soul.
El Extreme Luis Chaluisan

— with El Extreme Luis Chaluisan and 2 others at El Extreme Luis Chaluisan.


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