Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine 7,103 members (34 new) Truth, Justice and The Second Majority Way!

“Rocker Roller Rican Documentary” (FINAL CUT: 75 minutes) The Life And Times Of Nuyorican Performer El Extreme Luis Chaluisan. How the magic term Salsa transforms an industry and a new generation of Puerto Rican Baby Boomers forging their new Latino identity and presence in the United States (First Selection)

ROCKER ROLLER RICAN Free preview and dropbox download of Documentary 

(Downloaded 11,678 times from Dropbbox since MNN Time Warner Release/Broadcast June 2014)

MNN Time Warner Documentary About L.f. Chaluisan Batlle Amherst 1986 BA Theater Arts: Rocker Roller Rican begins with film of Published Nuyorican Performer El Extreme Luis Chaluisan in October 1975 at Amherst College (a mere three months after he turned professional as a dancer-singer at the age of 17 with the Alliance of Latin Artists in NYC.)
It is thoroughly produced filmed review as he travels from the Bronx in 1975 to the present day through the national American arts world as a Ballet/Jazz/Salsa/Folkloric Dancer-Curated Artist-Latin/Indie Rock musician-CBS/Telemundo/PBS News Reporter-Television Producer-Published Author-Radio Show Host-TV Station Manager-National Slam Poetry Ct. Team Champion 
By: Maria Hernandez
Executive Director 
WEPAwebTV-Managing Editor 
Salsa Magazine 7000 + members

Rocker Roller Rican Documentary

August 24: 1,837 views “ROCKER ROLLER RICAN” “Salsa The Untold Story” “Salsa The Untold Story” News Documentary Excerpt Starring Mr Salsa Izzy Sanabria Free preview and dropbox download of “Salsa The Untold Story”  27 minutes Part of: “ROCKER ROLLER RICAN” 

Abridged 57 Minute video on demand 

Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine August 25 2014 7,103 members (34 new)  7,103 members(34 new) Truth, Justice and The Second Majority Way!
1. 6th Annual Maverick Movie Awards (MMA)
2. El Nekko presenta su propuesta musical
3. Did Sofía Vergara Take It Too Far In Her Latest Interview?
4. SOB’s Presents Papo Pepin y su Orquesta Yimbaraco
5. Why Latinos are Leaving the Catholic Church
6. Goya Cheesy Chicken and Yellow Rice Recipe
7. Ninth Ave Food Festival
8. Jennifer Lopez announces partnership with Montefiore Medical
9. Sandro’s Latin Food
10. Call for Papers: Pedro Albizu Campos Conference
11. THE MESSAGE Tito Ramos
El Extreme Luis Chaluisan 2014 Recognition Awards The Salsa Music Awards 2012 Fan Club WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater Mayaguez Rocker Roller Rican

— with Maria Hernandez and 3 others.


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