Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine 6,550 members (103 new) Little Otis XXI and The Upsetters: 55 Rocker-Bopper-Salsa Show Stoppers!

Little Otis XXI and The Upsetters: 55 Rocker-Bopper-Salsa Show Stoppers!
Full Show: Three Hours Produced by Maria Hernandez and Luis Chaluisan WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions
4 Sets Of Music (45 Minutes A Set) Full Show: Three Hours
Set List (In Alphabetical Order)
1. 634-5789-Little Otis XXI
2. There’s Always Something There To Remind Me-Little Otis XXI
3. Blue Bayou-Little Otis XXI
4. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-Little Otis XXI
5. Bring It On Home-Little Otis XXI
6. Come On Let’s Go-Little Otis XXI
7. Como Rien-Little Otis XXI
8. Crazy-Just A Closer Walk With Thee-Little Otis XXI
9. Crazy-Little Otis XXI
10. Cuando Cuando Cuando-Little Otis XXI
11. Dance To The Music-Little Otis XXI
12. Devil With The Blue Dress-Little Otis XXI
13. El Extreme’s Love Hypnotic-Little Otis XXI
14. El Que Se Fue-Little Otis XXI
15. First Last Everything-Little Otis XXI
16. Great Balls Of Fire-Little Otis XXI
17. Have You Ever Seen The Rain-Little Otis XXI
18. Heard It Through The Grapevine-Little Otis XXI
19. Hello Mary Lou-Little Otis XXI
20. I Fall To Pieces-Little Otis XXI
21. I Feel Good- Little Otis XXI
22. I Walk The Line- Little Otis XXI
23. I’ll Always Love You- Little Otis XXI
24. Imagine-Little Otis XXI
25. It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me- Little Otis XXI
26. Jambalaya-Little Otis XXI
27. Jenny Jenny Jenny Little Otis XXI
28. Johnny B. Goode-Little Otis XXI
29. Just A Closer Walk With Thee-Little Otis XXI
30. Kansas City-Little Otis XXI
31. Kansas City-Phil Berg Little Otis 1984
32. Karakatis-ki-Little Otis XXI
33. La Bamba – Little Otis XXI
34. Land Of A 1000 Dances-Little Otis XXI
35. Let It Rain Little Otis XXI
36. Mony Money-Little Otis 1984
37. Muneca–Little Otis XXI
38. Ojos Verdes/Linda-Little Otis XXI
39. Old Time Rock and Roll-Little Otis XXI
40. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag- Little Otis XXI
41. Periodico De Ayer Rap-Little Otis XXI
42. Pony Time-Little Otis XXI
44. Salsa Y Control-Little Otis XXI
45. Sigue Feliz-Little Otis XXI
46. Stardust-Little Otis XXI
47. Summertime-Phil Berg Little Otis 1984
48. Take Me to the River-Little Otis XXI
49. That’s Life-Little Otis XXI
50. Todo Tiene Su Final-Mambo eX
51. Try a Little Tenderness-Little Otis XXI
52. Un Verano En Nueva York-Little Otis XXI
53. Uptown-Little Otis XXI
54. Walking On Sunshine-Little Otis XXI
55. What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted-Little Otis XXI


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