Hand Jive-Little Otis XXI Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine Rock and Roll’s use of Clave circa 1955

Hand Jive-Little Otis XXI Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine Rock and Roll’s use of Clave circa 1955 https://vimeo.com/96033567
“Hand Jive” This song exhibited the Bo Diddley beat, a rhythm that originated in Latin music and was brought into mainstream American music by Bo Diddley. It has since influenced generations of musicians. The Bo Diddley Beat is a kind of syncopated five-accent clave rhythm. The Bo Diddley beat is named after Bo Diddley, who introduced and popularized the beat. Although Bo Diddley was a rhythm and blues musician essentially, the beat is widely used in rock and roll and pop music. History and composition The “Bo Diddley Beat” (1955) is perhaps the first true fusion of 3-2 clave and R&B/rock ‘n’ roll. The Bo Diddley beat is essentially a 3-2 clave rhythm, one of the most common bell patterns found in Afro-Cuban music, and its origin goes back to the sub-Saharan African music traditions. But there is no documentation of a direct Cuban connection to Bo Diddley’s adaptation of the clave rhythm. Bo Diddley has given different accounts regarding how he began to use this rhythm. Sublette asserts: “In the context of the time, and especially those maracas [heard on the record], ‘Bo Diddley’ has to be understood as a Latin-tinged record. A rejected cut recorded at the same session was titled only ‘Rhumba’ on the track sheets.”[ Somewhat resembling the Shave and a Haircut rhythm, Diddley came across it while trying to play Gene Autry’s version of “Jingle, Jangle, Jingle”. The Bo Diddley beat is similar to “hambone”, a style used by street performers who play out the beat by slapping and patting their arms, legs, chest, and cheeks while chanting rhymes. In its simplest form, the Bo Diddley beat can be counted out as either a one-bar, or a two-bar phrase. Here is the count as a one-bar phrase: One e and ah, two e and ah, three e and ah, four e and ah. The bolded counts are the clave rhythm.
Hand Jive-Little Otis XXI
Triple Vocal by: El Extreme Luis Chaluisan
Written by: Johnny Otis
Processed on Flip Recorder
Edited on Windows Movie Maker
roughrican productions (c) 2014

— with Maria Hernandez and 2 others at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum.


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