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Luis Chaluisan
Managing Editor
SALSA! The Untold Story
How the magic term and who teams up to market the word that puts the SAUCE in your HIPS. This transforms an industry and a new generation of 70’s Latino Baby Boomers forging a new Latino identity in the USA. A WEPAwebTV and Co-Production
The Latin NY Salsa Explosion
How the magic term transforms an industry and a new generation of Puerto Rican Baby Boomers forging their new Latino identity and presence in the United States.
Step right up folks. You’ve just encountered the WORLD WIDE SALSA EXPLOSION!
Hundreds of dancers across the world today gyrate to the sounds of SALSA music.
Instructors and students of every shape, color and nationality learn the basic moves and turns to stay on beat.
Homegrown Salsa bands in Europe, Asia and Africa turn out locally produced Salsa CD’s.
How did the music of a 70’s urban subculture soar to such global heights?

— at WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater.


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