Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine Premiere Part II Rocker Roller Rican on MNN goes off beautifully!


Premiere Part II Rocker Roller Rican on MNN
Thank you God. Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on my life. Thank you for the good times and the hard ones because al those moments have filled me with a deep gratitude for the people you have placed in my life and who have looked out for me. If someone had told me in 1975 that as my life evolved to this present age of 56 I would have people like Maria Hernandez, Mike Tapp, Petronia Paley. Steve Cannon, Papo Vazquez, Mr. salsa Izzy Sanabria and in particular my late father and still living mother Ana Chaluisan plus family of brothers and sisters and the creative experiences I’ve had I would say you were pullling my leg. But as I’ve written, it’s a funny little life we lead; it’s amazing of us get out of it alive and it’s a full LIFE I feel at his moment after watching MNN Time Warner’s Chanel 56’s Broadcast of Rocker Roller Rican from NY. I did everything I ever wanted to do in NYC from broadcast television, print reporting, Off Broadway and stints in neighborhood clubs to Lincoln Center and it wasn’t easy. But tonight I feel on top of the world. Better than receiving any award because my story was broadcast in my hometown and carried across the country with that modern marvel of technology the Internet. Who knew? Now comes the next step being featured in a number of festivals across the country, Canada and Europe. The first being at the International Puerto Rican Film Festival organized by Veronica Caicedo in November. I decided in January that the concert reunion at Cafe Lou’s would be my last journey to the big apple but as the saying goes “Never say never” and I’ll trek back to the city to be at the Festival then reunite with my friends once again at Cafe Lou’s before hitting the road. Stay tuned.

— at MNN.


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