Luis Chaluisan and Sheila E. Salsa Magazine Together Again
What a beautiful day. Got notice from ReverbNation that Sheila E “fanned” our work. I first met Sheila in 1978 when she dropped by Latin NY’s offices. Subsequently she appeared on my WAMH FM Radio show “Espiritu Salsa (1979). There are countless influential and renowned Latin artists on the modern musical landscape, but many of them wouldn’t be where they are today without the groundbreaking work of Sheila E. This Oakland native began her career collaborating with greats such as Marvin Gaye, Herbie Hancock, and Diana Ross, and most recently with Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Ringo Starr, and of course Prince, just to name a few. Her video “Fiesta” is the new single from her most recent solo effort, ICON, and sees her teaming up with a fellow HIP Video Promo artist, B.Slade to blow the audience away. This enthralling new clip lives up to its name in every way imaginable, and simply brings down the house! This diversely talented singer, songwriter, and percussionist was launched into the pop culture spotlight through her contributions to seminal artist like Santana, Lionel Richie, George Duke, Prince and Michael Jackson. Sheila E. has provided percussion and drumming expertise for years, as well as artistic acumen as musical director for numerous bands and television presentations. Although known for her exceptional work in the background and studios, it is front and center where Sheila E really shines. Her solo albums have charted across the globe and spawned such hits as “The Glamorous Life”, “A Love Bizarre”,”Bell of St. Mark”, ”Hollyrock”,”Oliver’s House” and “Wednesday Like A River”. ICON, recently released on her own Stilettoflats Music label, exemplifies her strengths as not only a gifted songwriter but also allows her to remind us of the depth and breathe of this one of a kind artist, through its multi-genre format. She explodes across the album with beats and rhythms that has for decades compelled people onto the dance floor to move to the grooves that only Sheila E. can produce. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than on the lead single, “Fiesta!” Despite her years of world travel and performance, Sheila E. has always left her heart in Oakland, and “Fiesta” is a celebration of the vibrant culture of the Bright Side of the Bay. Sheila E. teamed up with B.Slade as MC, gets the party started with the demand from the get go to “drop that beat on that.” The crowd responds in turn, which a plethora of percussion scattered throughout this party being brought to life. Low riders hop across the screen and industrial cityscapes paint a dazzling picture, all of which culminates with what we are hoping for all along, an absolutely explosive drum solo by Sheila E. that will leave you elated and exhilarated. This single is bound for the charts, clubs, and Song of the Summer status.

— with L.f. Chaluisan Batlle and Sheila E. at El Extreme Luis Chaluisan.


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