Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine 6,960 members (53 new) Wild Child ReverbNation Collaboration

Wild Child ReverbNation Collaboration
Vocal by: El Extreme Luis Chaluisan
Composed by: Luis Chaluisan
Bass: Brian Tully
Drums: Chet Zyms
Rapper: Almighty D
Camera: Clause Arenz
Music Production: Times Square Studios
Filmed: Germany
Breakdancers: Stepz and Breakz
Edited on Windows Movie Maker
roughrican productions (c) 2014
Street dance, more formally known as vernacular dance, is an umbrella term used to describe dance styles that evolved outside of dance studios in any available open space such as streets, dance parties, block parties, parks, school yards, raves, and nightclubs, etc. They are often improvisational and social in nature encouraging interaction and contact with spectators and the other dancers. These dances generally evolve out of urban and suburban spaces in some form of underground culture or region; they are a part of the vernacular culture of that geographical area – as if they were folk dances; although since the advent of the internet, the dances seem to be shared amongst people with the same musical interest worldwide. Therefore, street dance refers to modern folk dance with the term ‘street’ being more accurate since much of the modern world is now urbanized. Some examples of street dance include B-boying, more commonly known as breakdancing, which originated in New York City.

— with L.f. Chaluisan Batlle and El Extreme Luis Chaluisan in Berlin, Germany

Wild Child ReverbNation Collaboration from WEPAwebTV on Vimeo.


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