Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine The Power Of Social Networking-Computers

 Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine History never looks like history when you are living through it.

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The first personal computer I come in contact with is the Apple 1 in May 1976 at a fellow freshman’s room in James Dorm Amherst College. At first glance I ask him what type of television it is and why it looks so different. A pianist, he explains it is a home computer (a surprise to me since up to then I only encounter a huge IBM model at my high school) and he has attached it to his electric keyboard.
Flash forward to 1990 when I am hired by the NY State Senate and have apersonal computer installed on my desk. In 1991 I am hooked up to AOL via the State Senate and therein begin my foray into social networking and on line video production.
Between 1992-2000 I accumulate an e mail list of more than 4,000 addresses derived from various political plus broadcast television/radio marketing on line newsletter campaigns. In 2000 I put these addresses to work in the creation of my first Yahoo Group following my participation in the National Slam Poetry competitions (Austin Texas and Chicago) and moving back to NYC. I also join “TV Tome” (a U.S. based website devoted to informational guides for English-language television shows and the people involved in their production.) In turn, I have a personal computer and Internet service installed at our home upon my return to NYC in 2000.
In 2002 my friend and mentor Ed Robinson installs an MP4 player on the website supporting the production of my Off Broadway Play “Spic Chic” which features a filmed promo spot for the production. We also feature MP3 versions of personal spoken word pieces and music created by my various bands from 1989-2000.
From 2002-2005 the production’s tour/website that sprung from the Off Broadway run at the Chelsea Playhouse was supported by a combination of Yahoo Group announcements, Yahoo’s video blogging service (launched in 2004) plus presence on MySpace. “Spic Chic” was filmed When we travel to Bonn Germany in June 2004. A fortuitous event since we utilize clips on Yahoo’s video blogging service and begin broadcasting on BLIP TV with the help of Mike Tapp MNN Time Warner Cable in July 2005 (I also have a cache of film segments stored from my broadcast television career and collaborations with my partners Maria Hernandez WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater and Mike Tapp since 2002 filming various shows, comedy and presentations. Additionally I am in the habit of audio recording interviews, concerts and shows since my days at Latin NY Magazine in the late seventies.) I become aware of You Tube in November 2005 after being tipped off by a Bronx based Hip Hop Artist about the service. Between 2005 and 2013 we upload more than 1000 videos before shutting down the You Tube and BLIP TV channel when Mike and Maria embark on producing the “Rocker Roller Rican” documentary on my pop culture experiences in America. Social Networking and Internet File Sharing are the ultimate extant television set on the planet today. Many deride the development as the “land of the great unwashed.” And in some respects with the preponderance of “selfies”, “haters” who hide behind anonymous accounts and the selling of personal information to advertisers this is true. However for me, who makes his living at a time when reporting and documenting in the post Watergate Era is the norm, that futuristic television I encounter in 1976, if handled properly, goes way beyond self aggrandizement and provides a snapshot of life in the new millennium for countless future generations.

“Rocker Roller Rican Documentary” (FINAL CUT: 75 minutes) The Life And Times Of Nuyorican Performer El Extreme Luis Chaluisan. How the magic term Salsa transforms an industry and a new generation of Puerto Rican Baby Boomers forging their new Latino identity and presence in the U.S. (First Selection)

— withMaria Hernandez and 3 others at Amherst College.


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