El Extreme Luis Chaluisan / Bio | Esta Vida Boricua Salsa Magazine Labor Day Special Release

El Extreme Luis Chaluisan  / Bio | Esta Vida Boricua http://estavidaboricua.com/?s=luis+chaluisan+


Great Labor Day Gift from Sonja Mongar. Now archived in Esta Vida Boricua El Extreme Luis Chaluisan A Digital Life Narrative Installation, Spoken History Archive & Public Performance Space ™ Description Life narrative is not about literature in the formal sense, thus this is neither a magazine nor a journal, so there are no submission guidelines. Most new material will be generated through writing workshops and writing projects but artists, writers, photographers, musicians, poets who feel their work is ready for the gallery may inquire. This is a permanent installation of stories. Human stories. Family stories. Communal stories. Folkloric stories. Stories Inspire. Stories empower. Stories heal. Stories build, reinforce, and restore community. Stories created and transported via digital media may well, what 60s media critic, Marshall McLuhan, posited of electronic media’s potential, “unify and retribalize the human race.” Indeed – imagine the possibilities of digital stories of Puerto Rico buoyed over oceans, across rugged continents and to remote mountaintops, valleys and islands. The stories herein are a journey. They offer splashes of color and texture, shades of shadow and light as well as fragments of shape and depth to the existing Puerto Rican mosaic – expanding its master narrative. At the same time they offer points of connection and commonalty to the mosaic of a much larger world canvas.

EVB is interactive, maximizing cyberspaces’ “audili-tactile” nature, to engage the reader/viewer in an experience of resonance and connection. Think of it as a digital theater with three main stages; Stage Right, Center Stage, and Stage Left. Imagine it as an experimental/experiential space for innovative forms of personal writing coupled with technology. As far as content, EVB includes several life narrative genres with a few variations. The more traditional forms include (audio/video/pen) oral history, which has been renamed – spoken history – to better fit its form and function, autotopography (based on ancestral photographs,) memoir and the personal essay. Variations include literary journalism (due to its autobiographical elements), multi-modal memoir (which engages the realm of technology) – and the photo-essay.


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