Ruben Blades: Future Is Rock And Roll. Luis Chaluisan Agrees.

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With the advent of Rubén Blades announcement that he is now going in the direction of Rock Music and and my being honored in Puerto Rico by the “Sociedad Autentica De Coleccionistas Musica Popular Oeste De P.R.” Junior Cancel I feel the time is right to focus my energies from here on in on my personal work represented on and Google Plus. We are keeping the Salsa Magazine website open on Facebook (which was launched in February 2011) for subscribers to review the developments in the last three years which includes the successful Salsa Awards in 2012, work with Virgen Milagros Orta (Choco Orta), witnessing the strength of Orquesta SCC (Jose Vazquez-Cofresi), depth of Orq Espada, the broadcast television and International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival premiere of “Rocker Roller Rican” and reviving Mr Salsa Izzy Sanabria’s career.

El Extreme Luis Chaluisan 2014 Recognition AwardsWEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions WEPAwebTV – New Edge TheaterMayaguez Rocker Roller Rican with Maria Hernandez and L.f. Chaluisan Batlle Federico Chaluisan

PS Next Stop on my journey after Puerto Rico is Connecticut to rejoin and collaborate with my friends Tony Gonzalez David Goya Gonzalez Ray Baskett


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