Choco Orta – Buenaventura en Puerto Rico Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine

 Tis the season to count our blessings and Virgen Milagros Orta has been “una bendicion” since we met in 2005. She had just arrived from Puerto Rico. Pastor Jose Lantigua of Pilgrim United Church of Christ at 1800 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10457 booked El Extreme Luis Chaluisan‘s Electric Cabaret to perform and Choco Orta graciously agreed to do a guest appearance. We ended up using the Church Altar as the stage. A Blessed Performance. The Pilgrim United Church of Christ occupies buildings erected in 1910 by Christ Congregational Church of Mount Hope. As designed by Hoppin & Koen of New York City, the Georgian- or Colonial Revival-style complex was built on an irregular plot on the northeast corner of Grand Concourse and 175th Street. In the center is the sanctuary that has a domed roof of tin, painted green, and an entrance framed by a tall portico with four columns. Above the portico is a square tower that originally had a tiered steeple. All of the buildings are of red brick with white wood trim. The circular auditorium including the balcony can accomodate 370 people; plans to add side galleries were never realized. Abutting the sanctuary on the north is the four-bedroom parsonage. On the other side is the building containing an auditorium, gymasium, and meeting rooms. The completed buildings were opened on September 18, 1910, and formally dedicated the next month.
A site visit in 2012 found the church to be in deteriorating condition.
Pilgrim United Church of Christ
Pastor Jose Lantigua
Address: 1800 Grand Concourse
Bronx , NY 10457
Telephone: 718 – 716-5552
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Choco Orta – Buenaventura en Puerto Rico Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine from luis chaluisan on Vimeo.


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