Luis Chaluisan WEPAwebTV 4th Quarter Sales At All Time High

“Rocker Roller Rican” DVDs and accompanying copy of the book “Spic Chic” by Luis Chaluisan are being mailed out Friday, December 19, 2014. Contents include the (FINAL CUT: 75 minutes) (2.29 GB Letter Boxed Hi Def Film) plus Bonus 60 minute Stereo Soundtrack (373 MB) performed by La Gran Orquesta El Extreme, 1983 WBGU TV Artbeat Music video featuring Little Otis and The Upsetters (225 MB 3:50 minutes) and surprise features. $25.00
Free preview and dropbox download of
Directed by: Maria Hernandez WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater
Produced by: Mike Tapp MNN Time Warner Cable
\WEPAwebTV WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater, WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions, Mayaguez Rocker Roller Rican, 2014 Recognition Awards, Federico Chaluisan, L.f. Chaluisan Batlle

href=”” data-hovercard=”/ajax/hovercard/page.php?id=163534560383100″>El Extreme Luis Chaluisan


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