Luis Chaluisan Web site on ReverbNation number 1 on the Global # 1 National Spoken Word Charts #! all genres Regional Chart s

2014 was a wonderful year. It kicked off with an exhilarating filmed reunion concert at Cafe Lou’s in the North Bronx last January of our Nineties band in Albany NY La Gran Orquesta El Extreme. That was followed by the induction of my Eighties band in BG Ohio Little Otis and The Upsetters in the Jerome Music Library (which advises the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.) And as we enter 2015 we do so on a high note. Our web site on ReverbNation is ranked number 1 on the Global plus National Spoken Word Charts and Numero Uno out of all genres on the Regional Chart. Heavy traffic by listeners and viewers as well as sales of material has contributed to the pleasure.
Additionally I received excellent correspondence New Year’s Eve from bothSonja Mongar (Esta Esta Vida Boricua) and Efrain Bayron Barbosa from LaSociedad Autentica De Coleccionistas Musica Popular Oeste De P.R. which is honoring me this coming April 20, 2015 with a lifetime achievement ceremony in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Much love and thanks to Maria Hernandez who created a special written biography site detailing my history from birth to the present day of 57 years of age. Cono 57 is a lucky number. I thought when I retired four years ago to Bowling Green Ohio I would slowly fade from memory but the documentary Maria and Mike Tapp (MNN TimeTime Warner Cable which premiered at the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival created by Veronica Caicedo) did on my life has thrust me back into the here and NOW and I relish every moment como Poeta, Musico, Artista, Actor y Bailarin. Gracias a Dios y Gracias a todo ustedes que me apoyan!
Photos, music and video on
El Extreme Luis Chaluisan L.f. Chaluisan Batlle Luis Chaluisan WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater, WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions, Mayaguez Rocker Roller Rican, 2014 Recognition AwardsFederico Chaluisan

Number 1 New Years
Bettina Wendel Ronald Chaluisan Batlle Lillian Vega Orq Espada Tony Gonzalez Luis R. Roman Marco Ocasio Tony Tahé Luis E Figueroa Jr Jesse Timbalon Perez Papo Vazquez Jose Vazquez-Cofresi Richie Ray Virgen Milagros Orta Marcos Colon Gina G Chaluisan Deborah Chaluisan Rodriguez Desia Oconner Coati Mundi Randall Pinkston Gerry BrooksChristine R Cain Orlando Ortiz Rose M. Hernandez Jo Chavez Dennis FoustLori Hanway Mark Valladares Larry Gold Michele Morales Charlie VázquezJanet Perritano


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