Luis Chaluisan 1983 Hip Hop Video WBGU TV – MTV Basement Tapes


One of the things I am most grateful in my life is that I have been in the right place at the right time and learned from the experiences (even during my trips to the dark side.) At the age of 26, I acquired 1940’s Soundies (a 1940’s precursor to Music Videos) from Bill Schurk at Bowling Green State University Music Library and edited this piece from a mix tape I received from a Toledo Break Dancers Group I featured on ART BEAT in 1983. MTV was just making a big impact and I submitted the videotape for their show BASEMENT TAPES (with Billy Crystal and Martha Quinn). The clip was used as a lead in to commercial breaks. A couple of months later Michael Jackson made his debut on MTV. He is recognized as the first African American Performer who helped blaze the way for acceptance of Hip Hop on MTV. At the same time, this production was the first hip hop remix video to air on MTV.
Music by: Play that Beat Mr Dj–Mc Globe & Wiz Kid Super.
In 1983, Tommy Boy Records held a promotional contest, in which entrants were asked to remix the single “Play That Beat, Mr. D.J.” by G.L.O.B.E. and Whiz Kid. By day, DiFranco worked in a professional music studio, while Stein was a copy supervisor for Doyle Dane Bernbach. Although the two were older (27 and 31, respectively) than most of their peers in the hip-hop community, they were both enthusiasts of the genre; Stein, in particular, had been attending downtown rap clubs for years and had an extensive knowledge of hip-hop’s history (although early hip-hop records did not appear until 1979, DJing was a phenomenon that had been around since 1973. Stein claimed to draw inspiration from the Flying Saucer records of the 1950s.

1983 Hip Hop Video WBGU TV – MTV Basement Tapes Luis Chaluisan WBGU TV from Luis Chaluisan WEPAwebTV on Vimeo.


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