Luis Chaluisan Why “Posting In Dozens Of Facebook Groups Doesn’t Work

Why “Posting In Dozens Of Facebook Groups Doesn’t Work 

There is a plethora of Salsa Music oriented groups on Facebook. The problem is they are infested by DJ’s and spammers who post the same item daily in ridiculous fashion. Ultimately, group members who receive messages in their connected email accounts are turned off and simply disregard the information thus degrading the group’s value itself. It’s for this reason we follow the Huffington Post model of delivering news items aggregated from newsletters/mainstream news outlets, block people who join and simply try to post “events” that do not feature Live Music and rely on ReverbNation “Latin” bios to highlight artists who are working in their markets to help the music/culture survive.

Another dangerous situation that has evolved is DJ’s attaching themselves to bands, offering to accompany them on live gigs to provide intermission music and then approaching club/venue owners to replace the band with their DJ services at a reduced price. We’ve seen this happen consistently since we launched Salsa Magazine four years ago. There is a subversive gang of DJ’s in New York itself claiming to be finding the New Generation of Salsa Orchestras who slowly have been co opting opportunities in this fashion. We personally had experience with the leader of this clique who attempted to steal the brand of and subvert the legitimacy of the Salsa Awards we held in 2012 by seeking bribes from nominated orchestras. (He later was part of a group that allegedly stole money from musicians in a failed Salsa Awards program that was set up in Miami and investigated by the Miami Dade Office of the State Attorney.)

The aforementioned DJ’s latest scam has been to supposedly launch his own record label, release a CD named for an obscure Southern Connecticut Band; get funding from an alleged drug dealer/Money launderer out of Boston (reportedly under investigation by Boston’s Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office); replacing in the studio everyone in the band (particularly the lead singer) except the band leader with musicians from New York/Puerto Rico; and setting up a feature performance at SOB’s in New York where the actual band showed up an hour late for the gig wherein the band leader and SOB’s owner got into an argument while the corrupt DJ replaced the night’s activities with his work.

We got in contact with that featured the CD as one of the best recordings of 2014 and were told they were not aware of the misleading aspect of the actual band not being on the recording and we believe them. At the same time what has occurred is one of the reasons that Fania records fell of the grid as the purveyors of cutting edge Latin Music in the eighties. During that period Salsa was largely supported by live performances at nightclubs. Dancers who bought LP’s were astonished that what they heard at the club was inferior to what they heard on the LP’s. (Interestingly, Producer Harvey Averne who started out with Fania and then founded Coco Records said in a videotaped 2011 interview that even Grammy Winner Eddie Palmieri Golden Age Of Salsa sales were at the 50,000 unit mark though Palmieri’s status did not suffer because he always showed up with the orchestra he recorded with for his LP’s.)

So what is the solution?
Avoid DJ sponsored events and Support Live Music. There is another factor that we see is going to shake up the Live music scene and that is the incoming arrival of Cuba’s Live music “Timba” Orchestras now that President Obama has relaxed sanctions against Cuba. They’re hungry and have progressive ideas to entertain dancers. Plus, they are wary of US business practices when it comes to marketing Latin Music and as such may be able to put a crimp on the DJ scene.

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