Create Lists from FB friends while cross indexing with ReverbNation page – Salsa Magazine Luis Chaluisan


Maximizing your Facebook “friends” list. Topic: The importance of creating “Lists” from Facebook contacts while cross indexing revised friends list with our ReverbNation page.
The best source for active poets and musicians throughout the world in a variety of genres is ReverbNation. I launched our ReverbNation page in 2007. To date, we have access and communication with 16,545 Artists Globally. Additionally, we are connected to 5803 Facebook Music Fan Pages. This is a wealth of information we have been accumulating for the last four years since launching Salsa Magazine. Now that I have removed “deactivated” contacts from my Facebook profile plus complete strangers while cross indexing my revised friends list/Fan Pages Likes with our ReverbNation page and retaining real life friends, family, libraries, poets and musicians we have created a series of lists where we can see breaking news events on my Facebook stream. I started off with 2500+ subscribers on my friends list last Sunday. I anticipate bringing that number down to 1700 by this coming Sunday.
Facebook’s Lists functionality started as a way to help manage privacy, but since the launch of “Subscribe,” Lists have become a way to better organize groups of contacts and see content in your stream based on your interests. My interest is NEWS to utilize on WEPAwebTV-Salsa Magazine. The time paring down my “friends” list is being well spent given the interesting items we am now coming across.
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