WEPAwebTV-Salsa Magazine News: Bobby Marin to produce Son D’Acosta for FANIA Records. Luis Chaluisan

Bobby Marin

Since the mid 60’s, Bobby Marin has been an active part of the Mambo/Salsa scene. Originally, along with Louie Ramirez, they were pioneers during the Latin Boogaloo era. They composed and arranged music for some of the big names in Latin music. Eventually Bobby sang some of his compositions as well. Along with his vocal group, The Latin Chords, he is featured in albums by Ali Baba, Louie Ramirez, Kako, Sonny Bravo, The Latin Blues Band, Willie Rosario, Tito Puente and others. He created his own record labels in the process including, Salsa Records, El Sonido, Mambo City, Latin Cool and other smaller labels. Bobby worked as label manager for United Artists Latino, Orfeon, Ethnic Tapes (Tico Records), TR Records (Tito Rodriguez). He has produced independently for Fania Records, Musicor Records, CBS/Columbia, among others. Along with brother, producer Richard Marin, they recorded albums for Mercury Records, RCA, and Decca Records. He has coproduced with Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Alegre All-Stars with Al Santiago and Joe Cuba. He produced Ismael Quintana, Jimmy Sabater, Orq. Revolucion ’70, Joe Bataan, Chucho Avellanet, Nelson Ned, Los Hispanos, Rosita Rodriguez, Charanga America, Willie Torres, Charlie Palmieri, Mike Guagenti, Chuito, Milton Zapata, Ralphie; The Latin Lovers, Dominica y su Conjunto, Azuquita, Hector Rivera, Ricardo Marrero and many, many other recording artists. Now Bobby’s Mambo Music label is getting international recognition, signing new artists and releasing new and old-school recordings on a world wide basis. Son D’Acosta will be recording the Fania standards in traditional Cuban fashion. Stay tuned. 

Luis Chaluisan Editor Salsa Magazine
From Mamboman Bobby Marin
Visit new website:
Mambo Music


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