RJ Batlle Featured In New Film Work And Podcast Plus “Quit The Road Jack” at TheaterLab. Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine

RJ Batlle - Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine-WEAwebTV

From Roberto J Gonzalez (RJ Batlle): “I’m In New Film Work I Hope You’ll Watch/Listen To/Attend. Web Series called ‘Just In New York’ written and directed by Goya Award-winner Yolanda García Serrano. Check out our pilot episode and subscribe for more!” Just In New York – Episode 1 

Plus I am featured in Podcast called ‘The Captain Punishment Adventure Hour’ where I have like 20 different voices including Cupid, and Osama Bin Laden (very NSFW). Subscribe on iTunes and pop it on during your commute and laugh at the depraved mind of creator Mac Welch. “I’m On The Screen In Your Jeans” 

RJ Batlle - Luis Chaluisan-Salsa Magazine-WEAwebTV

And Performing in Play called “Quit The Road Jack” at TheaterLab
It’s a comedy about the North American Free Trade Agreement. But it’s actually about a divorced and miserable couple of burnt-out ex-musicians whose 16-year-old son runs away from home. Somehow, the son gets involved in the immigrant worker rights movement. Mom and Dad can’t stomach each other, but neither trusts the other one to find Jack, and so they’re forced to travel across North America together in search of their son. In previews March 5 & 6th, opening Saturday March 7th. Click here for tickets

I’d love it if you checked them out and shared them with friends if you find them worthy.
All The Best!
RJ Batlle

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