Pensamientos/Thoughts 6. No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist. Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine

Pensamientos/Thoughts 6. No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist  #5HRefectionsSelfie‬

 Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine WEPAwebTV  Are You Independent or Self-Sufficient

Are You Independent or Self-Sufficient? The difference in the two will actually make or break your creative career. If You are an Independent Musicianyou make the final call. You decide whether or not to book a show. You decide which cities you tour through, which songs go on your album, what the final mix will be, what the final cover artwork looks like, what your image is…etc. As an independent musician, you are more or less a supervisor. You evaluate the information…and yes, you do MOST of the work yourself. But you are not doing ALL of the work by yourself. You simply cant. You are relying on outside sources all the time – T-shirt printing companies, the guy who’s helping you build your website, the kid who helped create your logo, and especially WORD OF MOUTH through your fans. Think of the day you left home and got your first apartment. You became the boss of your life. No one could tell you what to do but you still took others’ advice…and you still called home occasionally to ask your parents for advice, right?

As an independent artist you’ve got decisions to make, and other people and resources help you to make those decisions. If You Are Self-Sufficient Musician you’re probably stressed out. Don’t get me wrong. There are alot of people who can record/mix/master their own albums, design their own artwork/websites, screen-print their own t-shirts, and walk around town hanging all of their posters. BUT you will get tired…fast. As independent artists, we often put the pressure on ourselves to be self-sufficient (not independent). I have personally done this in the past and i have learned that this methodology will run you into the ground. Yes, be as versatile as you can, but also give yourself a break. If you stress yourself out too early in the game, you’ll never be able to get to the end.
Switching from Self Sufficient to Independent. So how do you make the cross over? Fans, fans fans! There are people who want to help. Just ask. I’ve become accustomed to asking people for bogus things on Facebook and twitter, not because I’m a user, but because people genuinely want to help if they can. And it lightens the load. I’ve asked for a free GPS (got it), a discount on a rental car (didn’t work this time), help for running a merch table, and other small, random things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Need ideas on the best way to do something, ask another artist to clue you in. Some will be stingy and territorial, but some will hook you up with a fact or two.
Remember, the more you are crossing paths and rubbing shoulders with others who are in the same industry the further you and your music will travel.
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