Getting a jump on arrangements material for new Album Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine

Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine Tanga XXI

Getting a jump on arrangements on material for Album I’ve proposed to do with Orq Espada in CT. Orquesta Espada This song from my repertoire as El Extreme Luis Chaluisan is the best selling and covered piece I’ve done in my musical career. The way I see it being rearranged is for the horn section to perform the lead guitar riffs punching the rhythm. (It’s a “ska” piece.) Check out “1990 TANGA XXI Albany NY” by Luis Chaluisan-El Extreme

Presented by WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions Rocker Roller Rican vlɒɡ 2014 Recognition Awards Federico Chaluisan L.f. Chaluisan Batlle

Editors WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater Luis Chaluisan

Video performance 1991 

— with Maria Hernandez and 3 others at WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater.

TANGA XXI-Wild Child ROCK SHOP 1990 Albany NY LA GRAN ORQUESTA EL EXTREME from Luis Chaluisan WEPAwebTV on Vimeo.


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