David Amram Reflects On Luis Chaluisan April 20, 2015 Ceremony in Mayaguez Puerto Rico Salsa Magazine

Luis Chaluisan David Amram

From David Amram regarding April 20, 2015 honorary ceremony prepared by La Sociedad Autentica De Coleccionistas Musica Popular Oeste De P.R. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico hosted by Junior Cancel Efrain Bayron Barbosa in recognition of my work “Since all you do is a reflection of how to deal with all obstacles and see the Beauty part in spite of it all, NYC is a hard place to get enthusiasm from the people in charge of the store, because they have all been trained to HATE THEMSELVES!!And regardless of the fortune they may have spent to get an education to prepare them to become leaders in society and especially those who are administrating cultural institutions, if you never learned how to sing or dance or find the joy in hanging out with others just for the sake of learning more and enjoying the moment, the idea of “Culture” is always the anthropologist’s idea of robbing a skull from a burial site, putting in a bottle of Formaldehyde and dispensing drops at a time to the chosen few who have a morbid fascination with what they consider primitive (NOT primal!!) So to be in a place where your heritage is respected, and your struggles are understood is just WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!! (And in Mayaguez, you will have His prescription filled!!) What you are doing will eventually be appreciated by a new generation everywhere when they can see the WORK that you do, and have that stand on its own, and THEN when they hear your war stories of how you survived and continued to do what you have been doing, that will be appreciated post rebus!!! (After the fact) This is what happened (and is still HAPPENING) with Jack Kerouac, Charlie Parker and an army of innovative people who kept on their path no matter what!! Brooklyn College is giving me an Honorary Doctor of the Arts and having me as their keynote speaker this May, and like yourself, anything i have done , and still try to do, comes from all the terrific people I have been blessed to know who have taught and continue to teach me how to try to be more human and see the beauty that surrounds us. When you danced (with Rose M. Hernandez) and the Brooklyn Phil back in 1977 in the Park, some of the musicians who were there who are still alive REMEMBER that moment and i always will as well! Like yourself, i have received quite a bit of static over the years for not doing what others thought I should do,and the more it was for real and the more joyous and spontaneous it was, the heavier the static was!! But as Miles so eloquently entitled his great 1959 song……”SO WHAT?””
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David Amram


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