Salsa Magazine 6 Year Anniversary Luis Chaluisan


On February 10, 2016 we are celebrating Six Years of Publishing Salsa Magazine Daily on FB. We not only focus on Classic and Contemporary Salsa Music/Latin Jazz but offer a look at a variety of Arts that Latinos are involved with in the United States to advance our culture as The Second Majority. This includes Theater, Film, Art, Fashion, Education, Politics, Culinary Arts and Academic Symposiums. Our Archives include Audio and Filmed Performances dating from 1973-Today. The template for the Magazine is based on Latin NY Magazine (1973-1985) launched by Mr. Salsa Izzy Sanabria in 1973 where I begin my career as a Reporter/Editor in 1977. The Member subscriber Data Base on FB has exceeded 10,000+ readers while our Google Plus support stream for the Magazine has reached 3,596,960+ views since its May 10, 2011 inception. In the interim We successfully create the Salsa Magazine Top 40 Salsa Awards in 2012 plus help promote Documentaries (From Mambo To Hip Hop-The Latin NY Salsa Explosion-Rocker Roller Rican) to name just a few of our Professional highlights. We feel one important aspect of the E-zine is that mainstream professional Broadcast and Print Journalists from both the English and Spanish speaking worlds utilize our Magazine for leads on important stories that we feature. In closing, we are grateful that we are acknowledged by these journalists for being one of the most positive outlets for Latino news in the Social Network Universe. Esa Va! Y Adelante!
Luis Chaluisan
Managing Editor
Salsa Magazine
As part of our Six Year Anniversary we have produced a 30 Minute Virtual Concert. Enjoy! WEPAwebTV Clasicos De La Musica Latina – Salsa Magazine Luis Chaluisan
Included in this Broadcast:
1. Celia Cruz Declaraciones Sobre El Bárbaro Beny More
2, Cheo Feliciano Eddie Palmieri – Busca Lo Tuyo
3. Daniel Santos con la Sonora Matancera
4. El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico – Moforibale Al Tambo
5. Elias López y La Compañía Ya Es Muy Tarde Canta Junior Toledo
6. Eliot Cintron – Trombón en el 35 Aniversario de Bobby Valentin
7. Grupo Mi Son con Amadito Valdés
8. Joe Arroyo – Bam bam kiribim bam bam
9. Joe Ruiz – Bilongo
10. Los Naranjos – Échale Candela
11. Louie Ramirez Y Super Banda vocal Jorge Maldonado – El Titere
12. Luis ‘Perico’ Ortiz – Canta Domingo Quiñones
13. Marvin Santiago – Fuego a la Jicotea
14. Orquesta Aragon
15. Orquesta Aragon Rafael Felo – Bacallao
16. Sociedad 76 – La Solución de la Salsa
17. Tito Rodríguez – Vitin Aviles
18. Wayne Gorbea y Salsa Picante
19. Willie Rosario Canta Gilberto Santa Rosa – Al Fin Te Fuiste

Presented by: Official Salsa Magazine Dominican Republic/Film Editor Maria Hernandez WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions Rocker Roller Rican vlɒɡ 2014 Recognition Awards WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater Official Salsa Magazine Political Analyst Federico Chaluisan El Extreme Luis Chaluisan Official Latino Pop Culture Editor L.f. Chaluisan Batlle Official Salsa Magazine Rocker Roller Majestic Times Official Magazine House Band Orq Espada Tony Gonzalez Marco Ocasio Douglas H Long William Fluker Official Salsa Magazine West Coast Editor Tina Chaluisan Culinary Editor Bryan López Figueroa Columnist RevCarmen Hernandez Official Salsa Magazine Restaurant Las Canteras Peruvian Restaurant DC Gary Lee Offiicial Salsa Magazine News Anchors Gerry Brooks Randall Pinkston Official Salsa Magazine Guest Columnist Emily Stork Official Salsa Magazine In House Comedian/Actor Rob Torres Official Salsa Magazine Hall of Fame Coati Mundi Official Magazine Latin Jazz Representatives Papo Vazquez Willie Williams Carlos Jimenez Official Salsa Magazine Book Publisher Steve Cannon Official Salsa Magazine Salsa Dura Hall of Fame Virgen Milagros Orta Official Salsa Magazine Poet Activist Deborah Magdalena Official Salsa Magazine Soneros Casimiro JR Rodriguez Viktor Amauri Balaguer Viktor Y Los Callejeros Official Salsa Magazine Nueva Onda Representative Angela Rijos Official Salsa Magazine Hall Of Fame Historian and Guide Orlando Marin Official Salsa Magazine Comedy Night Host and Theater Director Mark Philipp Official Salsa Magazine Hip Hop Representative Loco Mic Michael Pizaña Official Salsa Magazine Mayaguez Big Band Representative Peter Vega Official Salsa Magazine Spiritual Adviser Miguel Angle Sanchez Official Salsa Magazine Health Issues Adviser Katy Olan Official Salsa Magazine Mambo Era Adviser Ida Carlini Official Salsa Magazine Fashionista Pedro Chaluisant Official Salsa Magazine Latin Rockers Ray Carrion Steve Adorno Lori Rose Official Salsa Magazine Latino Film Festival Organizer Veronica Caicedo International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival Official Salsa Magazxine Author Activist Lawayne Orlando Childrey Official Salsa Magazine Nueva Onda Indie Country Western Artist Abigail Ray Hillman

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