How Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are hurting rather than helping the Latino Community


The first time I hear the derogatory term “gusano” (worm) to refer to Cuban Americans is in 1975 during my freshman year at Amherst College. It is created by the Castro regime as a propaganda tool; refers to (and is solely meant to) discredit the entire group of Cubans living outside of the island; created to discourage collaboration and communication between Cubans on the island and off the island and created in order to make two sides of an ethnic group become enemies, instead of family, based on their geography. I never live in fear of being in the United States during my 58 years but I am concerned now. I feel the country is exploding with the Donald Trump juggernaut imperiously headed for the Super Tuesday Primaries while Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz continue to destroy each other (plus US as Latinos in the United States.) And there is nowhere to run to or nowhere to hide while the specter of political assassinations weigh heavily on my mind. A new civil war is on the horizon should this occur and I am at an age where people like me will be the first to be either put in an internment camp or liquidated.

Back Story:
At the recent gathering in Nevada of Democratic Hispanic leaders, ahead of the GOP debate in Las Vegas, photos of Cruz and Rubio were plastered alongside Trump’s picture, as all three were criticized as anti-Latino. A press release noted, “While Trump continues to grab headlines with his hateful anti-Latino, anti-immigrant language, the positions and records of the two Latino presidential candidates in the race are equally dangerous.”

Dolores Huerta, an influential labor leader and civil rights activist, has called Cruz and Rubio “sellouts” and “traitors” at the gathering and said the Hispanic candidates are turning their backs on the Latino community. Partisan politics aside, the question remains: Are Cruz and Rubio ‘traitors’ to Latinos or do they just have different views?
Latino USA asked several noted Latino politics observers. Here is what they told them:

Esther Cepeda, Nationally syndicated columnist, The Washington Post Writers Group “It’s true that all’s fair in love, war and politics so from a tactical perspective trashing Latino politicians on policy makes sense. However, in a time when so many others are demonizing Hispanics, it’s disconcerting to see our own ripped apart on the basis of their fealty to an amorphous idea of what Latino identity should be. Cruz and Rubio’s politics and policies are fair game, criticize away. But it denigrates all Latinos when some of us decide to become arbiters of what is or is not “truly” Latino. We spend a lot of time telling people outside the Hispanic community to understand that we are not monolithic – we should follow our own advice.”

Stephen A. Nuño, contributor and Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Affairs, Northern Arizona University “The truth is that Latinos have great potential to contribute to all sides of the political ledger if only those in the GOP would see the greater long-term opportunity in expanding the party message rather than consolidating it with white voters. I think Latino organizations, both conservative and liberal, are right to challenge Cruz and Rubio on their policies, but to suggest that one’s loyalty to identity rest on certain leaders’ assertion of a political test, and to cast accusations of ‘traitor’ should they not pass that test, is no less fascist and dogmatic as the Trump crowd.

Pilar Marrero, Senior Political Reporter, La Opinión “Even before all of this activism and partisan campaigning started pointing fingers at Cruz and Rubio, we wrote a couple of stories about the inconsistencies between these two politicians life stories or family stories and their positions on immigration and other issues of interest to most of the Latino voters in this country. We should hold politicians accountable, and not just the Republicans, the Democrats too. All of them. But if these two are going to be a “threat” to democrats by peeling off latino voters, they have a lot of work to do. I am not convinced either of them is a threat at this time. First, there´s an issue of the Republican brand, which is seriously damaged among Latinos and getting worse thanks to continuous demagoguery on immigration and race. Then, there´s the fact that most Latino immigrants in this country are Mexican and these two are Cuban. And Mexicans know that Cubans, even today, still have a privileged immigration status that basically offers legal residency and public assistance as soon as they set foot in the country or come to the border to request refuge status.”

Albert Morales, Director of Latino Engagement, Democratic National Committee “Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are both using extreme rhetoric and backward-looking policies that would be harmful to every American, including Hispanics, by dragging us back to the economic policies that were in place on the way to losing 8 million jobs, to seeing foreclosure signs paper streets all across America, and when hard working and middle class Americans of all backgrounds had to choose between bankruptcy and getting the health care they needed. That both of these candidates are the children of economic and political refugees from Cuba only makes the tone of their campaigns and their tax-cuts for the wealthy economic policies that much more offensive.”

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Salsa Magazine 6 Year Anniversary Luis Chaluisan


On February 10, 2016 we are celebrating Six Years of Publishing Salsa Magazine Daily on FB. We not only focus on Classic and Contemporary Salsa Music/Latin Jazz but offer a look at a variety of Arts that Latinos are involved with in the United States to advance our culture as The Second Majority. This includes Theater, Film, Art, Fashion, Education, Politics, Culinary Arts and Academic Symposiums. Our Archives include Audio and Filmed Performances dating from 1973-Today. The template for the Magazine is based on Latin NY Magazine (1973-1985) launched by Mr. Salsa Izzy Sanabria in 1973 where I begin my career as a Reporter/Editor in 1977. The Member subscriber Data Base on FB has exceeded 10,000+ readers while our Google Plus support stream for the Magazine has reached 3,596,960+ views since its May 10, 2011 inception. In the interim We successfully create the Salsa Magazine Top 40 Salsa Awards in 2012 plus help promote Documentaries (From Mambo To Hip Hop-The Latin NY Salsa Explosion-Rocker Roller Rican) to name just a few of our Professional highlights. We feel one important aspect of the E-zine is that mainstream professional Broadcast and Print Journalists from both the English and Spanish speaking worlds utilize our Magazine for leads on important stories that we feature. In closing, we are grateful that we are acknowledged by these journalists for being one of the most positive outlets for Latino news in the Social Network Universe. Esa Va! Y Adelante!
Luis Chaluisan
Managing Editor
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As part of our Six Year Anniversary we have produced a 30 Minute Virtual Concert. Enjoy! WEPAwebTV Clasicos De La Musica Latina – Salsa Magazine Luis Chaluisan
Included in this Broadcast:
1. Celia Cruz Declaraciones Sobre El Bárbaro Beny More
2, Cheo Feliciano Eddie Palmieri – Busca Lo Tuyo
3. Daniel Santos con la Sonora Matancera
4. El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico – Moforibale Al Tambo
5. Elias López y La Compañía Ya Es Muy Tarde Canta Junior Toledo
6. Eliot Cintron – Trombón en el 35 Aniversario de Bobby Valentin
7. Grupo Mi Son con Amadito Valdés
8. Joe Arroyo – Bam bam kiribim bam bam
9. Joe Ruiz – Bilongo
10. Los Naranjos – Échale Candela
11. Louie Ramirez Y Super Banda vocal Jorge Maldonado – El Titere
12. Luis ‘Perico’ Ortiz – Canta Domingo Quiñones
13. Marvin Santiago – Fuego a la Jicotea
14. Orquesta Aragon
15. Orquesta Aragon Rafael Felo – Bacallao
16. Sociedad 76 – La Solución de la Salsa
17. Tito Rodríguez – Vitin Aviles
18. Wayne Gorbea y Salsa Picante
19. Willie Rosario Canta Gilberto Santa Rosa – Al Fin Te Fuiste

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Salsa Magazine 4 Year Anniversary February 11, 2015 – 7,414 members (38 new)

Salsa Magazine
Salsa Magazine 4 Year Anniversary February 11, 2015
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Drinking Again: John David Coles Director-Luis Chaluisan Dancer 1976

“Drinking Again” November 1976
Experimental B&W 3:30 Music Video-Dance Film
Directed and Produced by John David Coles Amherst ’79  Luis Chaluisan Dancer Amherst ’86

John David Coles Joins ‘House Of Cards’ As Executive Producer
After directing three episodes of the second season of House Of Cards, director-producer John David Coles (The West Wing) is joining the Netflix drama series full time for Season 3 as executive producer/director. Coles previously was co-executive producer/director on CBS’ Elementary and executive producer/director on NBC’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent. He most recently helmed episodes of A&E’s Bates Motel and Starz’s upcoming drama series Power. On MRC-produced House Of Cards, Coles — repped by UTA and Rain Management Group — will serve as an EP alongside star Kevin Spacey, director David Fincher and writer Beau Willimon as well as Josh Donen, Eric Roth, Dana Brunetti, Lord Michael Dobbs and Andrew Davies.
John David Coles is an American film and television director. Coles is probably most notable for his directing on the HBO sitcom, Sex and the City. In addition to Sex and the City, Coles has directed episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order, The West Wing and Desperate Housewives. Coles served as a producer on Wonderland, and Songs in Ordinary Time.
Previous to these movies and TV series, John Coles directed a documentary about Amherst while in college, which later aired on PBS. He also worked as an assistant editor to Francis Ford Coppola, and also directed industrial films for AT&T and Pepsi-Cola. He also made his television debut with shorts for NBC’s Saturday Night Live #‎luischaluisan‬ ‪#‎elextreme‬ ‪#‎ReverbNation‬ Music ‪#‎BetteMidler‬ Filmed Amherst College El Extreme Luis Chaluisan L.f. Chaluisan Batlle WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater, WEPAwebTV Roughrican Productions , Mayaguez Rocker Roller Rican , 2014 Recognition Awards Federico Chaluisan

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Drinking Again 1976 John David Coles Director-Luis Chaluisan Dancer from luis chaluisan on Vimeo.

Luis Chaluisan WEPAwebTV 4th Quarter Sales At All Time High

“Rocker Roller Rican” DVDs and accompanying copy of the book “Spic Chic” by Luis Chaluisan are being mailed out Friday, December 19, 2014. Contents include the (FINAL CUT: 75 minutes) (2.29 GB Letter Boxed Hi Def Film) plus Bonus 60 minute Stereo Soundtrack (373 MB) performed by La Gran Orquesta El Extreme, 1983 WBGU TV Artbeat Music video featuring Little Otis and The Upsetters (225 MB 3:50 minutes) and surprise features. $25.00
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Luis Chaluisan Rocker Roller Rican “Salsa The Untold Story” On Google Plus seen by 2,258 Viewers.

Rocker Roller Rican “Salsa The Untold Story” Achieves 18,967 Downloads from The Cloud while Video On Demand Release On Google Plus seen by 2,258 Viewers.  


ROCKER ROLLER RICAN “Salsa The Untold Story”
3 Fold Release August 1, 2014 WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater
Release 3: 1267 Views
Release 2: 541 Views
Release 1: 450 Views
Overall Google Plus Stream Count:
Aug 1, 2014 Google Plus surpasses 2,000,000 views
Sept 12, 2014 Google Plus surpasses 2,224,186 views

“Rocker Roller Rican” Part Of Underground Film Movement Using Social Networking . Experimental film or experimental cinema is a type of cinema. Experimental film is an artistic practice relieving both of visual arts and cinema. Its origins can be found in European avant-garde movements of the twenties. Experimental cinema has built its history through the texts of theoreticians like P. Adams Sitney (and others film critics in different countries), and its distribution process through non profit organizations like The Film-Makers’ Cooperative in New York, and similar cooperatives in many other countries through the world . An experimental film is often characterized by the absence of linear narrative, the use of various abstracting techniques, asynchronous (non-diegetic) sound or even the absence of any sound track. Most such films are made on very low budgets, self-financed or financed through small grants, with a minimal crew. Experimental film emerged in Europe in the 1920s because cinema had matured as a medium and avant-garde movements in the visual arts were growing. Dadaists and Surrealists explored experimental films. The most famous experimental film is Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí’s Un chien andalou (1929).
French Impressionists explored narrative experimentation, rhythmic editing and camerawork, and an emphasis on character subjectivity. In 1952, the Lettrists avant-garde movement in France and the Ultra-Lettrists created an uproar with their approach to filmmaking. The U.S. had some avant-garde films before World War II. By the early 1960s, a different outlook became perceptible in the work of American avant-garde filmmakers. With very few exceptions, Curtis Harrington among them, the artists involved in these early movements remained outside of the mainstream commercial cinema and entertainment industry. The term describes a range of filmmaking styles that are generally quite different from, and often opposed to, the practices of mainstream commercial and documentary filmmaking. Avant-garde is also used, for the films shots in the twenties in the field of history’s avant-gardes currents in France, Germany or Russia, to describe this work, and “underground” was used in the sixties, though it has also had other connotations. Today the term “experimental cinema” prevails, because it’s possible to make experimental films without the presence of any avant-garde movement in the cultural field. While “experimental” covers a wide range of practice, an experimental film is often characterized by the absence of linear narrative, the use of various abstracting techniques—out-of-focus, painting or scratching on film, rapid editing—the use of asynchronous (non-diegetic) sound or even the absence of any sound track. The goal is often to place the viewer in a more active and more thoughtful relationship to the film. At least through the 1960s, and to some extent after, many experimental films took an oppositional stance toward mainstream culture. Most such films are made on very low budgets, self-financed or financed through small grants, with a minimal crew or, often a crew of only one person, the filmmaker.

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Peace is the only battle worth waging. Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine: 7,131 members (18 new)

Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine: Peace is the only battle worth waging. 7,131 members (18 new)
1. Festival Tipico Cidreño Orq Corporacion Latina
2. Anthony Santos Rumbass Nightclub
3. Bailamos Salsa Rueda
5. ¡Genial!: Juan Gabriel retomó gira en Miami
6. El Xendra
7. Fe (Faith)
8. Justice for my Sister
9. El silencio de Neto (Neto’s Silence)
10. En inglés lo nuevo de Daddy Yankee
11. Última ‘superluna’ del año
WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theaterr WEPAwebTV Roughrican ProductionsMayaguez Rocker Roller Rican 2014 Recognition Awards The Salsa Music Awards 2012 Fan Club El Extreme Luis Chaluisan

— withMaria Hernandez and 2 others at El Extreme Luis Chaluisan.

Very Grateful for acceptance of my work in Bowling Green and archiving of Sentinel Tribune Newspaper Articles by Arts and Entertainment Editor-Reporter David Dupont. Archive of all previous articles (7) Thanks! El Extreme Luis Chaluisan — with Maria Hernandez and L.f. Chaluisan Batlle at Sentinel-Tribune.



Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine Fania/ Codigo people are working to revive the Fania label and mystique. Only time will tell. 7,094 members (40 new)

Will history repeat itself. An interview with Joe Bataan and Michael Ruker. 10616326_4635119892028_1172801474109316255_n

From L.f. Chaluisan Batlle Editor Salsa Magazine
“With all due respect to Joe Bataan (who has been successful in keeping his brand alive with his West Coast following) the current Fania Record’s leadership and legal team haven’t got a clue how to relaunch the label as a viable source of alternative Latin culture. In the first place, utilizing contemporary DJ remixes of classic material instead of nurturing reasonably priced live music presentations by current Latin Tinged orchestras is delusional. In the second place, abandoning individuals like Mr Salsa Izzy Sanabria who knew how to market Salsa via publishing, television and artwork is self defeating. And in the third place, the backroom politics of Larry Harlow and his crew of non-Latino industry thugs to make it seem that it is Harlow who pushes Salsa into it’s Golden Age of productivity is the ultimate insult to all Latino musicians/supporters who create the genre.”
“This Is Gone Forever”
Meanwhile in the Bronx, things haven’t been working very well for Mike Amadeo, owner of the famed Casa Amadeo salsa record store. The store has been in continuous operation since 1941. But it might not last much longer.
“Business is lousy,” says Amadeo. “Nobody in the music business is going to tell me after 64 years in the music business that this is going to be like it was before. It will never happen again, this is gone forever.”
Amadeo says that in Fania’s heyday, records flew off the shelves—he made $7 thousand dollars a week, more than three times what he takes in today. He says there used to be over a hundred ballrooms with live bands in the Bronx alone. Today, not one is left. And if you ask him about the new Fania owners—let’s just say he’s not pleased.
“Let them buy an American record company, for the English speaking people that know what the hell they doing. They don’t know what the hell they doing,” says Amadeo.
Amadeo was once a shot-caller in the salsa industry, back when everybody involved were friends and extended family from the barrio. He and other old-timers say they feel neglected by the new Fania. Amadeo, for example, says the new owners never once called him up to try to learn from his decades of experience selling music to the community. He says the stuff they are putting out doesn’t make sense.
“What Fania is doing right now is killing the industry. The few people that are left that go to the stores to buy records, they want the original recordings as they came out,” says Amadeo.
Reinvent, or Die
The new Fania isn’t particularly interested in reaching the people that go to the stores to buy records. For Michael Rucker at Fania, there’s a different audience in mind.
“Now we look forward and we say – how do we take this to a younger audience today,” says Rucker. “Because at the end of the day, if you aren’t reinventing, if you’re not going to find new listeners then ultimately you die. And that’s exactly what we don’t want to happen.”
In an attempt to reach younger audiences, Fania is has been working with DJs and putting out remix albums that sample their catalog. For some members of the salsa community like Mike Amadeo, this amounts to sacrilege—a watering down of a rich musical history. But Joe Bataan, for one, isn’t so sure.
“If you sit on history, it dies. So you got to lift yourself from your seat, let history breath, and pass it on, and then you’ll have a chance with the music,” says Bataan.
It’s unclear whether the new Fania will succeed in reaching the youth — the label won’t share sales numbers, so we don’t know how well they are actually doing. But, says Bataan, at least they are trying, and giving the next generation a chance to decide what Fania means to them.

Michael Ruker and the Fania/ Codigo people are working to revive the Fania label and mystique. Only time will tell. 

Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. 7,094 members (40 new)

Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. 7,094 members (40 new)
1. Minas – Brazilian Jazz
2. Yuri Juárez
3. Joseph Luna
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5. Free outdoor screening La Marqueta Veronica Caicedo
6. Fania Will history repeat itself?
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11. Marcos Herman Freddy Colon and Marcos Colon Orchard Beach
12. Sofi Lopez Quartet
13. Yordano de “Manifiesto” en Miami Beach
14. Art of Seduction 2014 Masquerade Gala
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18. Latin Americans infuse New York with Hispanic culture
19. Vallenato Plus Rock Rhythms
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21. Salsa The Untold Story 1,670 views
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23. Joe Collado “SHOO BOP BLUES”
25. LOVE IS STRANGE Alfred Molina
26. Willie Villegas y Entre Amigos
27. Mario Murillo WBAI-FM 99.5
28. Poncho Sanchez next three shows in California
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31. The Fantastic Voyage Latin Cruise 2
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33. Gerard Esposito
34. Luis Espindola Jazz Band
35. Jose Marquez
36. Georgia Latino Film Festival 2014
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— with Maria Hernandez and 5 others at WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater.

Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine 7,016 members (33 new): All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight

El Extreme Luis Chaluisan Salsa Magazine 7,016 members (33 new): All great beginnings start in the dark, when the moon greets you to a new day at midnight

unnamed (1)
1. Luis Bongo Colon II El Gigante
2. James Brown Biopic Get On Up Does The Godfather Proud
3. AUG 25 Orquesta SCC live in the BRONX!
5. Domingo Quinones Arroyo Festival de la Isla Aug. 23 at Pena Adobe Park
6. Marlow Rosado y La Riqueña Release “Salsanimal”
7. Frieze Projects 2014 Presents Dominican Performance Artist Isabel Lewis
8. Cacique award-winning actress Eunice Alleyne back in the spotlight
9. Authorities to monitor the Haitian border with cameras
10. Caribbean travellers to the US can expect new customs declaration forms
11. NYT: Dominican tennis player Estrella Burgos, an Improbable Trailblazer, Takes Aim at U.S. Open
12. Ada Ferrer’s “Freedom’s Mirror: Cuba and Haiti in the Age of Revolution”
WEPAwebTV – New Edge Theater WEPAwebTV Roughrican ProductionsMayaguez Rocker Roller Rican